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Ongelooflike span! Elke minuut daar spandeer is di moeite werd. Sal hul weer en weer besoek en vir di hele wêreld aanbeveel. Danki julle vir ‘n spesiale dag!! – Joy van Niekerk

Julle girls is amazing!!! Dankie vir dit wat jul in vrouens se lewens doen!! – Marthie Alers

Julle is baie professioneel en uitstekend in wat julle doen! – Monique Pitout


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  • "Woman glow differently when they are loved the right way and treated properly." @thegoodquote @marnusferreira09 ❤️
  • Five things mentally strong people do:

#1 They enjoy their time alone. They hold themselves accountable for their actions.

#2 They celebrate the success of others. They surround themselves with greatness.

#3 They have great health habits. From sleep to how they eat, they own their own mind, body & spirit.

#4 They embrace and celebrate change. They know that change is constant with life.

#5 They invest time and energy into the present. They're able to focus on the task at hand. 📸 @lukevanphotographer
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  • "Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing." - Theodore Roosevelt 
Do what you love doing, something you have an absolute true passion for and you won't have to work a day in your life!!!
#passionwork #liveyourpassion #makeadifference #changepeopleslives #discoveryourpurpose
  • 'The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.' - Galatians 5: 22-23

Photoshoot with @lifebystephensegal
Dressed by @new_romantics_couture 
  • Never stop training your mind!! "Think of your mind as a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it will become." - Frederick Lenz

Awaken the Giant within 
#bookrecommendation #mustreads
  • Say this to yourself every day: "You're getting better. You're flourishing. You're leaving behind all that doesn't serve your highest good. You're getting rid of negative thought patterns, habits and behaviors. Deep down you know you can do it. You know all the potential you have. Now is the time to step it up."
@thegoodquote .
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  • ONE OF THE BEST DAYS EVER!! @thepalmjumeirah #thepalmjumeirah 
My friend...I'm so grateful to you for taking me to all these amazing places in Dubai and giving me these unforgettable experiences, I appreciate you so much!!! Love you lots!! ❤️🙏 @tresjolie_on_the_fly .
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  • So obviously I had to see the @victoriassecret shop in the @thedubaimall...Oh My Word....I CANT EVEN 🙈!! The shop is as big as our Edgars here in SA!! The most beautiful lingerie I have ever seen!

Thanx #dubailife ...you have officially ruined alot of things for me here in South Africa 🙈🤨, I mean really...Lasenza will never be the same again!!🤣
#victoriasecretshop #thedubaimall #lifechangingplaces #cantevendeal #beautifulligerie #wowmoment #needtolivehere
  • "Funny how your quality of life improved dramatically when you surround yourself with good, intelligent, kind-hearted, positive and loving people." @thegoodquote #thegoodquote🌻 
@thepalmjumeirah .
#positivepeopleonly #positivevibesonly✨ #intelligentpeople #kindheartedsoul #qualityoflife #lovingpeople #acceptpeopleforwhotheyare