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Ongelooflike span! Elke minuut daar spandeer is di moeite werd. Sal hul weer en weer besoek en vir di hele wêreld aanbeveel. Danki julle vir ‘n spesiale dag!! – Joy van Niekerk

Julle girls is amazing!!! Dankie vir dit wat jul in vrouens se lewens doen!! – Marthie Alers

Julle is baie professioneel en uitstekend in wat julle doen! – Monique Pitout


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Thanks for everything @nudohairlab_pta & @volohairsa, lots of love for you guys!! Have a blessed and happy Valentines Day!!❤️🙏🏻 #lovemyhair #healthyhair #valentinesday2020
  • So spoiled on valentine's day by this beautiful man❤️ So lief vir jou my engel!! Dankie vir die ongelooflike mens wie jy is...elke liewe dag saam jou voel soos Valentynsdag 😘 @marnusferreira09

#valentinesday2020 #youremyvalentine #loveyousomuch❤️ #youhavemywholeheart
  • It's extremely rare to find someone who cares about you without another agenda. One who wants to see you achieve your goals and dreams, encourages you to grow and is there through all your mess. Be grateful for those people in your life, and always keep them close. 
@marnusferreira09 ❤️🙏🏻
#supportstructure #pillarofstrength #safeplace #shouldertocryon #someonespecial #someonetolisten #happiness😍 #someonetolove
  • Be strong, not rude.
Be kind, not weak.
Be humble, not timed.
Be proud, not arrogant.

@nudohairlab_pta for my freshly coloured hair.
@volohairsa for my silky new tape-in hair extensions.
@enzo_nudo_hair_lab my amazingly talented hairstylist.
  • Wow...I have been blessed with yet another incredible birthday. I thank God in heaven for keeping me safe for 34years, blessing me above and beyond with incredible people who loves and respect me and accepts me for who I choose to be. A big thank you to each and everyone who made my day so special, I appreciate it with all of my heart!!❤️🙏🏻 Thank you @volohairsa, @nudohairlab_pta, @dainfern_dental_studio and @whiteliesaesthetics for making me feel so beautiful and special on my birthday!! #birthday #itsmybirthday🎉 #feelingblessedandthankful #grateful #incrediblepeople
  • THANK YOU 2019

It's the end of 2019 & what an interesting year it was! So many surprises, so many things that has happened that I could never have guessed. 
I'm grateful for all the experiences I've become richer. I'm grateful for all the new people who came into my life, fulfilling my life with love, respect, insight and mutual understanding. I'm grateful for the peace that this year has brought me, peace I've long been praying for, peace from negativity, hurt & misunderstanding. 
Through alot of heartache and disappointment I found myself, I got to know me, what's important to me, and what I want for my life and who I want to be apart of it.

In 2020 I invite positivity, opportunity, self growth, love, respect, unity, quality of life, prosperity, success, healthy relationships, business growth, connections, wealth, health, peace and energies resembling mine.

Thank you to the wonderful man in my life @marnusferreira09 for bringing so much love, support, strength, friendship, trust and happiness to my world. I cherish you dearly ❤️🙏🏻 Thank you to my amazing friends for all your love, conversations, laughter, respect, understanding and support. I have a deep love & appreciation for all of you. @odettebukowski @tresjolie_on_the_fly @villiersjudyde @girl_running_in_heels  @shelbepretorius @lemeofficial  @zaniescholtz ❤️ I would like to say thank you to my amazing sponsor's who has entrusted me to represent their prestigious brands as an ambassador.

My beautiful bathing suit is from @romero.international 
I'm looking forward to 2020 and all it has in store for me😃🍾🥂 #bringiton #goodbye2019 #hallo2020 #cheersto2020 #heresto2020 #herestomyyear
  • So lief vir die man van my❤️🙏!! Tyd vir lekker vakansie hou... Uiteindelik tyd vir bietjie ontspan🙌!!
  • Celebrating almost 30 years of friendship!! ❤️🙏🙌 Alecia & Estelle 
#vleesbaai #holidayspirit🎄 #loveyoumyfriend #cheerstoanother30years
  • It's not what's under the tree that matters, it's who's gathered around it. 🎄☃️❤️
Christmas is definitely my favorite time of the year 🤗🥰
#festiveseason🎉 #holidayspirit🎄 #christmas2019 #lovetgistimeofyear #sohappy😊 #withmyperson

Today I'm sharing something really personal about myself, something only a few people know about, for the obvious reason, I was too shy and too insecure about it. But I'm finally over it, I have accepted this scar as if I was born with it & as if it was something normal to have!

10years ago I got really sick, my large intestine knotted like a pretzel due to foods that I've been consuming throughout my life, foods I never knew I was intolerant to. Primarily lactose & gluten. I kept eating foods that was actually poisoning my body. My body caved, and so, my large intestine collapsed into my pelvic area. 
I was 22 years old at that time & doctors rarely see extreme cases like these with people that young. If you're struggling with IBS you would understand the pain, x1000 & then you'll know what I went through. The doctors literally saved my life, because my intestines was moments away from bursting, which would lead to septicemia & then you die from infection.

The only solution they could find was to remove my whole large intestine. After a 3h30min operation I woke up in agonizing pain, but the one thing that I didn't realize was that I would later have to deal with the pain that comes with the scar. 
To me it was the ugliest scar in the world. My scar starts above my navel and end 22cm down🙈. For years I was so self conscious about it. I couldn't wear short tops or bikini's. I didn't want anyone to see my ugly scar, I was too scared that I'll be bullied about it. I didn't have the personality then that I have today. I was very insecure and had little confidence.

I started praying to God for confidence, to guide me on the path of developing a healthy love for myself and to accept me for me, accept the things you can't change and work hard on those that you can. By His love, guidance and Grace ‪I'm finally able to say: THANK GOD I'M OVER IT NOW, THANK GOD FOR CONFIDENCE AND A HEALTHY LOVE AND RESPECT FOR WHO AND WHAT I AM. I pray that everyone who is struggling with insecurities will ask Gods help in their journey. May you one-day too be able to right a post on your journey to happiness and self-acceptance❤️🙏
  • Having fun on the ferris wheel with my handsome man!! Enjoying life so much with you @marnusferreira09 ❤️ #lovinglife #myperson #ferriswheel #funtimes #toomuchlove❤️ #bestfriend #truelove
  • Nowadays I walk over things I used to trip over. @extreme__quotes 📸 @lemeofficial
#growthmindset #growth #youvegotthisgirl #itsnotwhatyouseeitshowyoulookatit