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After years of being bullied about her appearance in school, Alecia was afraid to go every day. She would pray at night, “Please God, please make me just a little prettier so that the boys will also like me and that the girls would want to be friends with me”.

This all changed in her second year of high school when she joined her mom at the hair salon. While waiting this beautiful & confident woman proposed that she had to fix her hair colour so it suited her olive skin tone and green eyes. She swore it would change her life – and it did!

She coloured her hair a warm chocolate brown with an auburn shine to it. She will never forget this day because as she stood up from the chair and looked at herself in the mirror she couldn’t believe her eyes. Her confidence skyrocketed and her posture improved, she looked people in the eye and felt amazing about herself. That women changed her life through one simple change, how powerful is that?

That night she decided that she would help other people one day like that woman had helped her today.

With that, Ubella was born.

a note from alecia

For me, it’s so much more than doing your makeup, it’s the bond and connection I form with you. I have this deep desire in me to show you what you need to see in yourself. Through my ability, skill and presence of positivity, I only wish to enhance what you were already born with, hide the minor imperfections and give you that much needed and well-deserved confidence in yourself

Let’s work together and make magic for your confidence!

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