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"It's more than beauty, it's confidence!" – Alecia Joubert

Welcome To Ubella Beauty Boutique

Many people often wonder what the name ‘ubella’ means. The founder of ubella, Alecia Joubert, chose the name for the company very carefully, as the meaning encompasses exactly what she believes. If you break up the word, you will have the letter ‘u’ and then the word ‘bella’. ‘Bella’ means ‘beautiful’ in Italian, and the ‘u’ stands for ‘you’. Alecia wants you to know that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, whether you believe it or not, and it’s her passion and calling in life to show you your true beauty.

At ubella Alecia and her team want to change your outlook on life and the way you see yourself by not only making you feel more beautiful and special than you have ever felt before, but also by giving you the self-confidence you deserve – and most of us so desperately need.

ubella is about so much more than hair, makeup and other beauty treatments; it’s about giving you that healthy love for yourself and making you feel worth it.

‘Cultivate your confidence,
grow your power, become the amazing
gift that you are to yourself and
share it with the world.’
Christie Marie Sheldon



Professional bridal hair and makeup for you and your bridal party. This service can include hair and makeup trials and we are also available to meet you at your venue on the important day.  


Professional hair and makeup for matric farewells. Trials can also be provided.  


Hair and makeup for magazines, fashion shows, modelling, photoshoots and television.

Mini makeovers

Mini  makeovers involve basic hairstyling and professional makeup. The main aim is to show you how best to do your makeup and hair. We’ll take before and after photographers for you to see the transformation.

Extreme makeovers

Extreme makeovers involve a consultation with Alecia and our hairdresser about your look and how you would like to update your current hairstyle and colour. The service involves a hair cut and colour, hair extensions, […]


Tancan   We provide single 10-minute tanning sessions in our vertical tan can to achieve that perfectly tanned skin tone. Alternatively, you can buy session cards (available in 10 sessions or 20 sessions) for more […]

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Customer Testimonials

Ongelooflike span! Elke minuut daar spandeer is di moeite werd. Sal hul weer en weer besoek en vir di hele wêreld aanbeveel. Danki julle vir ‘n spesiale dag!! – Joy van Niekerk

Julle girls is amazing!!! Dankie vir dit wat jul in vrouens se lewens doen!! – Marthie Alers

Everyone at Ubella is amazing! I loved every minute of my makeover! Thanks Alecia, Louise and Ricky!! – Nadia van Deventer


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  • What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create.
It's scary to think that everything you have in your life, whether it's good or bad, you've attracted into your life. Change your mind and you will change your life. Think positive about yourself, speak positivity over your life and choose the positive over the negative every time...your life will change, trust me!! 🙏
#thinkpositivethoughts #speakpositive #bepositivetoday #choosepositivity #programyourmind #changeyourlifetoday
  • OVERTHINKING: The art of creating problems that don't exist. 
Oh My Word this is soooooo something that I tend to do. So here's the process as I experience it🙈: You think of doing something or saying something, and then you think of the possible outcomes should you make the decision to go ahead. Then you think of the consequences for each one of those outcomes. After that you think of various ways of how the consequences of the outcomes will influence you as well as others. Then you think of how they would affect you as well as others. Thereafter you weigh the pros and cons of these affects resulting from the consequences relating to every specific outcome...and at the end of the day you're sitting with a shit load of things you're thinking about...trying to cross reference everything to anything...and THEN....you wonder why you're confused and can't make a decision 😅!? GOOD GRIEF WOMAN...chill...if it's not a life or death situation...just go with whatever feels right and best for you at that time...your FIRST THOUGHT is always the root/inspiring/truest thought! By over thinking (through my experience) you suck the fun and joy out of most things!! So with this being said, I hereby declare that I consciously decide to stop over thinking and start enjoying life as it comes at me!!😁☝️
📸 @linda.vos .
#overthinking #stopoverthinking #overthinkingsucks #overthinkingkillsyourhappiness #dontmissoutonthefun #justchill #noteverythinginlifeissoserious

Every bride deserves to feel like a queen on her special day, and for this to be so, you need to realize something before getting started on all your wedding planning activities.

CHOOSE THE BEST TEAM!! Always be sure to book the best team for this day...trust me...it makes all the diffirence. Being a professional makeup artist for almost 14 years, I have truly seen it all. Yes, the best of the best in the industry are definitely more expensive than others, but they bring copious amounts of professionalism, experience and talent to the table. 
Planning your wedding is not only the most special time of your life, but can most certainly also be the most stressful period you will ever experience!! All the planning, viewing of venues, cake tastings, deciding whether or not to book a wedding planner, deciding on who to choose as bridesmaids (don't even get me started on that one...trust me, you quickly discover who your true friends are during this period), choosing the perfect dress, hairdo, makeup look etc. This is really an extremely challenging journey, that most married people will agree with. 
To make this experience blissful and to a certain extent "stress free" it's of the utmost importance that you book an excellent team to guide you through this journey and assist in making this the best time of your life. When booking a top quality team that has been working in the industry for many years, you get so much more than what you pay for. TRUE STORY!! Why you ask? Well, when you deal with extremely professional individuals who are truly passionate about what they do, they go above and beyond for you. 
For example: A dress designer of this standard will not only make a dress for you, he/she will build a dress that compliments your every feature to a 'T'. They pay attention to the finest details...details that you or your bridal magazine would never even have thought to consider. They will manufacture your dress to suit your personality, take into consideration your birthmarks, scars, tattoos or love-handles that you're SO self conscious about,.... Keep reading part 2 on the @ubella_pro_makeup_artistry page!!
  • "You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you. True power is sitting back and observing things with logic. True power is restraint. If words control you that means everyone else can control you. Breathe and allow things to pass." @officialwarrenbuffett  @warren.buffett @itswarrenbuffett
Always stay true to who you are and what you believe in. People will always have opinions, and thats their business. Don't let it affect you and slow you down. Be real and stay real! Don't be fake just in order for others to like you! And remember...if everybody likes you...you're lying to someone!🤨☝️
#dontletothersdefineyou #dontlistentohaters #bewhoyouaremeanttobe #berealbetrue #berealwithyourself #dontbefake #dontletothersdefineyou
  • Invest in yourself first. Expect nothing from no one and be willing to work hard for everything. @millionaire_mentor @brutehonesty 
No one is just going to hand you whatever you want in life, you have to go out and get it for yourself. Yes, it's difficult. Yes, it's hard work. Yes, you're not always going to know how. Yes, you're going to get tired. Yes, you're going to have to make a million sacrifices. Yes, you're going to cry sometimes. Yes, you're gonna take some risks along the way....BUT, the day that you've made it to the top of your Everest, that's the day you're going to know why everything had to happen the way it did and that it was ALL worth it!! Remember, if it was easy...everybody would have it!!! .
#stayfocused💯 #investinyourselffirst #expectnothingfromnoone #bewillingtowork #bewilling #itsallworthitintheend #nothingthatsworthitiseasy
  • You are the CEO of your own life. Hire, fire and promote accordingly. @profitpassionacademy @brutehonesty 
You choose the people in your life....family members, friends, work colleagues ect. 
Observe the people around you, do they have qualities that you look up to? 
Do they have habits you would want to adopt? 
Do they have characteristics that you aspire to? 
Are they people who have accomplished something great in their lives? 
And would you want to become like these people some day...but in your own way? 
Think about this!! I go through these questions with everyone who's part of my life and then I choose how much time I will be spending with them!!
📸 @albertbredenhann 
#choosetherightpeopleinyourlife #distanceyourselffromnegativity #b+ #choosehappiness💕 #choosepositivity #choosetomotivate #choosechallenge -#choosewisdom #choosegrowth #choosetobeinspired
  • Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen, and always remember that God can change your whole life in just one day, no matter what the circumstances or situation that you're dealing with!! Just have faith and believe. 🙏
#justask🙏 #justbelieve #believeinthegood #believethatsomethingwonderfulisabouttohappen #bepositive✌ #distanceyourselffromnegativity #choosetherightpeopleinyourlife
  • "You don't decide your future, you decide your habits and your habits decide your future" @inspired_mindsets @dailydose 
Most of the time you have a choice in life. You either choose: 
To say what you want out of life, believe that God will lead you to it, set a goal, work hard, stay focused, sacrifice a few things, delete a few friends holding you back, excepting that the road you're going to walk will get lonely after a while...but knowing that the only reason that it's lonely is because so few are willing to do what it takes in order to get that far. This road will not only lead you to your goal, it will lead you to growth, self-discovery, wisdom, knowledge...things that only experience can teach you....and that my friend are an extraordinary gift to receive...most satisfying feeling ever. Because once you have control over your mind and your body...there's literally not one goal that you can't achieve!! Or:
You can just do whatever your parents or husband / wife, partner, caretaker said you should do, stay in your comfort zone, do the same thing over and over every week...go to a job that you don't really love from 8-5, chill on weekends, stay in the same body, feel the same...and ja....that's it! Not saying that any of this is wrong...just saying, then you're not aloud to complain, because it's your choice.

Just remember, no matter what your circumstances, no matter where you are at the moment in your life...you CAN ALWAYS choose again...ASK, BELIEVE, OBEY, DO - WHATEVER - IS - NECESSARY, DON'T QUIT = RECEIVE!! ☝️🙏
#focusonyourgoal #forgetthenaysayers #dontcompareyourselftoothers #healthyloveforyourself #turnweaknessintostrength #choosetherighthabits #chooseyourlife #becomewhoyouwanttobe #dontsettleforsafe
  • Your competition isn't other people. It's your procrastination. It's the unhealthy food you eat. It's the knowledge you neglect. It's the negative energy you tolerate. Compete against that. @brutehonesty 
Work on your weaknesses until they become strengths, then work on your strengths until they become second nature!!
#competeagainstyourself #dontcompareyourselftoothers #bethebestversionofyourself #workonyourweaknesses #turnweaknessintostrength #healthyloveforyourself #beconfidentinyourself #forgetthenaysayers #focusonyourgoal #focusonyou